Client and Author Reflections

Ginni Rometty
Former CEO, IBM
Author, Good Power

Joanne Gordon is an unbelievably experienced and gifted writer, who is both thorough and patient. Joanne pushed me to look deep within myself, to talk more about how I felt versus what I saw, all things my analytical, engineering mind did not do naturally. She pored through my archived documents and articles and made sure everything written was accurate and fact-checked. She helped me take a lifetime of facts and stories, plus my ideas about the future, and weave them into a narrative with the intent to inspire and benefit anyone. With that intent, the book became a sort of memoir with purpose. Joanne settles for nothing less than excellence, and I am beyond grateful that I found her.

Howard Schultz
Chairman Emeritus
Starbucks Coffee Company
Co-author, Onward and From the Ground Up

The research, writing, and editing process were made almost seamless by the extraordinary talent and grace of Joanne Gordon, who was able to capture my voice on the page. She possesses the rare ability to walk in one’s shoes, and she helped give me the confidence to tell personal stories. And it was Joanne who figured out how to weave the stories of my past and present into one seamless narrative. She routinely and unselfishly accommodated my own busy schedule. I am deeply grateful for her tireless collaboration.

Bill McDermott
Former Chief Executive Officer
Co-author, Winners Dream

Joanne was a remarkable partner in the book’s evolution. She found my voice for the book, and helped me write my story in a manner that allowed me to prioritize the demands of running a global corporation. I could not have possibly imagined a better writer and friend.

Colin Dickerman

Joanne Gordon is one of the most skillful writers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. The relationship between writer and co-writer is notoriously complex and oftentimes that tension can be felt on the page. In contrast, Joanne is able to seamlessly and confidently inhabit an author’s voice, bringing the resulting narrative alive in a way that feels completely natural and authentic. Her talent is remarkable.

Don Lowman and Julie Gebauer
Principals, Towers Watson
Co-authors, Closing the Engagement Gap

We both love to write and share our ideas, and Joanne is an experienced author without whom we would not have been able to complete this book. Joanne kept us focused on deadlines and on the key messages we wanted to convey while helping us eliminate (most of) our consulting language. She combed through thousands of pages of background materials and interview notes and helped us crystallize our thoughts and convey them succinctly. We are grateful for her partnership and have enjoyed sharing this experience with her. We sincerely appreciate her energy, enthusiasm and commitment.

Mike Marriner and Nathan Gebhard
Founders, Roadtrip Nation
Authors, Roadtrip Nation

Joanne was so much more than just a co-author for Roadtrip Nation, she became a real founding piece of the movement we were trying to build. Originally we were concerned that having someone write the book with us would just feel like a journalist observing our experience from the outside. What actually happened was that she took off the gloves and really got under the hood to help build what Roadtrip Nation would eventually become. We became great friends along the way, and she truly helped Roadtrip Nation to find its voice and place in the world. It’s hard to imagine our journey without her being a part of it.